Commander’s Meeting Update

Brothers and Sisters,

I’d like to pass on a couple of decisions that were made at today’s Commander’s Meeting:

First, with great sadness, I have to notify all of you that we have decided to cancel the 2021 Convention and Induction Ceremony. This was not an easy decision, and it’s not one any of us wanted to make. But we believe that at this point in the global COVID pandemic, this is the best decision for everyone involved.

Bartlett has agreed to push back their opportunity to host the event to 2023 and allow Bloomington/Normal to host in 2022. The committee from Bloomington/Normal has already been in contact with the hotel to start working on arrangements to bring back our annual event better than ever.

Second, the Command Staff decided to carryover those who were drawn, or won the opportunity, to represent the Guard in Colorado Springs, to the event in 2021. We will also be drawing an additional ten members, if finances allow, for the upcoming year. Those members will be notified once the drawing is complete.

Last, we have decided that because of the restrictions we all faced on training this year, we will be dropping the required number of trainings from,  “Convention and two trainings, or three trainings”, to, “Convention and ONE training, or TWO trainings”. THIS CHANGE IS FOR THIS YEAR ONLY and should not be considered precedent setting.

Although this requirement is moot as far as attendance at this year’s Convention goes, it does still matter as far as remaining on the Honor Guard roster. In the next few weeks, we will be sending out the information advising you of your training status, and letting you know how to go about paying the $25 fee to remain on the rolls. Please remember that this $25 fee per member is paid every year and is what the Guard operates on throughout the year. Please make sure you pay the fee as directed, by the deadline established, when you get the information.

This year has really shown us how important it is to get our trainings for the year done as early as possible. We have no idea what may come up and keep us from meeting the requirement if we wait till the last minute.

That’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your District Commander, or any of the Principal Commanders.

Thank you all for your continued participation in this Honor Guard. We could not do what we do without all of you.

Stay healthy.


Jay Coburn,

Commander AFFI Honor Guard