Gary Sinise Foundation’s Snowball Express

More than any other day, Sept. 11 reminds us of the true spirit of fire fighters, emergency medical and rescue workers. The members that died that day – and those that continue to succumb to WTC-related illnesses – remind us of our oath: others come first.

The Gary Sinise Foundation is honoring that sacrifice with an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World for families of our fallen. This extraordinary opportunity includes flights, hotel accommodations, and park admissions for families who lost a first responder on or after Sept. 11, 2001, to enjoy Disney World without financial burden. Like our union, the foundation is committed to honoring our fallen and caring for our families.

More on the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Project Snowball is below. Please share with any eligible families. Information can be submitted through Friday, Sept. 15.

To be eligible for the program, the First Responder would need to:

  1. Have been employed by a United States First Responder agency on/after 9/11/2001
  2. The loss of the First Responder happened on/after 9/11/2001 while employed as a first responder. Can be:
    1. Line of Duty loss
    2. Illness
    3. Accident
    4. Suicide
  1. Eligibility is open to any surviving spouse/guardian of a child/children, ages birth through 26yo, who lost their father/mother as a First Responder. This means that it can be:
    1. A spouse of the Fallen First Responder raising his/her dependent children.
    2. An ex-spouse of the Fallen First Responder raising his/her dependent children.
    3. A fiancé(e)/never married partner of the Fallen First Responder raising his/her dependent children.
    4. A legal guardian raising the children of the Fallen First Responder (guardianship designation documentation will be required.)

Required documentation:

  1. PSOB (Public Safety Officers’ Benefits form) – If they have a PSOB, and it lists spouse/guardian and all children by name, it is the only documentation needed.
  2. If no PSOB:
    1. Proof of employment and proof of loss while employed as a First Responder
    2. Proof of dependents (of Fallen First Responder)
    3. Proof that the adult applying is parent/guardian of the child(ren) of the Fallen First Responder.
  3.  If a guardian, guardianship designation documentation.

Learn more and register: